Popular festivals
  • January, 17th - 'S.Antonio Abate'

    Proceno:  animal's blessing, tasting of Sant'Antonio's bread and broad beans.
    S.Lorenzo nuovo:  tasting of traditional bisquits, wine and anchovy; parade of allegoric wagons.
    Valentano:  ignition of 'the big fire'; animal's blessing; tasting of snacks, sausage, 'ventresca', grilled meat.
  • February - 'martedý grasso' (carnival's madri gras)

    Acquapendente:  tasting of traditional cake 'fregnacce', parade of allegoric wagons, bonfire to burn 'king carnival'.
  • February - 'giovedý grasso' (carnival)

    Gradoli:  'festa degli incappucciati'.
  • February - 'mercoledý delle ceneri' (ash wednsday)

    Gradoli:  'pranzo del purgatorio' (lunch of the purgatory) 1500's traditional lunch.
  • March-April - 'festa della primavera' (spring's festival)

    Selva del Lamone (Farnese):  excursions, lunches and dinners in open spaces, music, shows and popular games.
  • March-April - 'Madonna delle piane' (second sunday after Easter)

    Proceno:  rural religious feast with games, procession, tasting of traditional bisquits and wine.
  • May - 'festa dei Pugnaloni' (third sunday of May)

    Acquapendente:  this festival celebrates the inhabitant's liberation from Federico Barbarossa. The'Pugnaloni' are mosaics composed by petals, flowers and leaves; they are shown in the streets of the country and the most beautiful will be rewarded .
  • May, 14th - 'La barabbata'

    Marta:  traditional and propitiatory ceremony where earth's products are offered in the sanctuary of 'Madonna del monte' (Madonna of the Mountain).
  • June, 13rd - 'festa del miracolo di Bolsena' (feast of the Bolsena's miracle)

    Bolsena:  feast wich remember the Bolsena's miracle(1263) and 'infiorata'(petal's mosaic).
  • July, 23rd-24th - 'I misteri di S.Cristina' (S.Cristina's mysteries)

    Bolsena:  procession, religious representation,fireworks, fish's festival, fishermen's regatta.
  • July - 'sagra dell'Aleatico' (last week-end of july)

    Gradoli:  tasting of Aleatico wine, typical products, almond's dessert.
  • August, 1st-15th - 'fiera del vino' (the wine's fair)

    Montefiascone:  medieval shows, exibition of 'sbandieratori' (jugglers with flags), tasting of snacks and wine.
  • August, 13rd-16th - 'sagra della patata' (potato's festival)

    Grotte di Castro:  festival with typical couse potatoes based.
  • August, 14th-16th - 'sagra degli gnocchi' (gnocchi's festival)

    S.Lorenzo Nuovo:  festival with typical course gnocchi based.
  • August, 15th - 'sagra della lenticchia' (lentil's festival)

    Onano:  tasting of lentils and sausages.
  • August, 28th-September, 9th - 'S.Ermete'

    Ischia di Castro:  'giostra del gallinaccio' a medieval ability's competition among knits. Ischia di Castro:  'gran premio delle carrettelle', a typical soap box race.
  • September, 3rd-4th - 'festa di S.Rosa'

    Viterbo:  procession where the S.Rosa's statue will be carried by 100 people to a sanctuary.
  • October 'Madonna del Rosario'+'sagra del tortello' (first sunday of the month)

    Piansano:  procession, fireworks, square's bingo, tortello's festival (ricotta cheese dessert).
  • October 'sagra della castagna' (last sunday of the month)

    Latera:  tasting of roasted chestnut, course chestnut based, new wine.
  • December 'sagra dell'ulivo' (first week of th month)

    Canino:  bruschetta's festival (roasted bread with new olive oil, salt and garlic.

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